Election Night, 2012: Historic Inroads

On Election Night, at around 6, my husband and I walked along our town’s Main Street, as we do every evening. (After Hurricane Sandy left us without power, heat, water or cable, we tried to maintain as much of our regular routine as possible. We also made sure we voted that afternoon.)

GOP Constituency

We passed the Republican Party’s local office and peered through the window. Fox News was on the TV and the room was filled with a crowd of (I swear this is true) old, white men. They were a morose-looking bunch. One of them turned and we smiled. He returned our smile with a stern, nasty frown. We continued on our walk.

In the next block was the Democratic Party’s local office. We stopped to peer through the window. There were tables filled with various, tasty-looking hors d’oeuvres and chocolates, a cooler full of soda, and somebody was walking around with a bottle of wine, offering to fill any empty glass.

Do Unto Others . . .

The crowd was diverse and colorfully dressed—teens, women, singles, couples, elderly, children.

Everyone was smiling (though at the time the polls showed Romney in the lead). Someone waved to us through the window and another opened the door. We knew no one but were welcomed heartily, and were grateful to watch the results on TV after being in a media void after the storm.

Boy, did it feel good to be included in that group of well-wishers, uplifters and thoughtful citizens who represent the real backbone and future of this country.

And the times, they are a-changin’                    OBAMA: 332      ROMNEY: 206

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2 Responses to Election Night, 2012: Historic Inroads

  1. Maria Laing says:

    I saw your comment tonight on Channeling Erik and thought I’d checkout your blog. I just wanted to say I enjoyed what I read and commend you for offering the resources of psychics for the comfort of the grieving.

    I am on CE because my 40 year old son went missing while scuba diving in the Pacific ocean just weeks before Erik took his life in 2009. My son is Michael, ..his body was never found. I have been helped by mediums. Then I read your post about election night and it is delightful to hear of your experience and that you found a welcome among the democrats. I have been so happy to support our president, but live in an area, NW Ohio, that is predoninately republican. Anytime I hear of a pleasant report I am delighted. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. I am also reminded of Madonna Badger, this time of year. I have friends in Manhattan who know of her and I am sure the event at Sandy Hook is hitting her hard right now, too. Best wishes!

    • Delving Eye says:

      Hi Maria. Isn’t CE terrific? I find such comfort there. Though I have never experienced anything like you, Elisa or Madonna Badger have, I long to connect with my parents and in-laws who have passed. I know they can hear me, but I am not yet skilled enough to hear them.

      So glad you liked the Election Night excursion. Yes, it was precisely as I described — in a very Republican town. Hey, at least both Connecticut and Ohio went blue in the Electoral College. Fortunately, we have a Democratic First Selectman whom everyone (right and left) loves.

      Sometimes, it’s the little surprises of life that mean the most. Like your lovely response.

      Peaceful holidays!

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