We Have Bluebirds !

A family of Eastern bluebirds -- parents and three fledglings

A family of Eastern bluebirds — parents and three fledglings. Hopefully, a family like this will appear in our bluebird box.

UPDATE: We had a pesky pair of wrens last year that made a nest in the eave of our covered porch.

They are noisy, irritating birds whose small size belies their chutzpah. They take on all comers, even humans! Wrens were the culprits that destroyed the bluebirds eggs laid in a cunning little grass nest a few years ago inside my bluebird box.

So last year, I removed the wren nest, which contained a clutch of five eggs. A few days later, another wren nest appeared, with three eggs. I removed that too. Then the female wren used a bird box close to the house, made a quick nest out of sticks and detritus (they are not an artful species!), and laid two more eggs. Out it went, nest and eggs, into the nearby brush.

The wren then desperately laid a single egg on the bare floor of the bird box, which I promptly removed. She did this several times over the next few weeks, after which she finally gave up.

So far this year, it is now April 15, there is no sign of a wren anywhere near our house or the two bluebird boxes on our property. I guess they got the message: NOT Welcome!



OK, we didn’t get the snow on Wednesday. Yay. But it was c-o-l-d, 16 degrees cold that night.

Now, it’s Saturday, warmer and rainy. So rainy that many rivers are flooding roadways. The rain is supposed to continue through Monday.

I actually love the sound of rain, so soothing, and it is a pleasure to open a window after four months of living in a sealed house because it has been so cold this winter.

This is one gorgeous guy!

This is one gorgeous guy!

Yesterday, it was warm enough to sit outside, and I watched varieties of birds racing all over the slope of our backyard. A gorgeous male bluebird pounced on a female and mated with her on the ground right in front of me. I simply held my breath for 5 seconds so as not to coitus interruptus. For the next hour, he swooped to and fro from the branches of several trees down to the bluebird box that I installed a decade ago. I hope the female got the hint — especially after the male’s bold introduction!

So far, the bird box has only attracted one bluebird couple, about 5 years ago, the female of which built a lovely grass nest and laid eggs — oh, joy! — only to have the eggs destroyed by a goddamn wren. I was so mad. Ever since then, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for blue wings. Finally, they have arrived. Let’s hope they stay.

And, if another bluebird lays her eggs in my box and a wren or any other varmint threatens, I’m going to wring its neck!


OLD NEWS: Bye-bye, snow!

SnowSnow is expected—again—tomorrow and the next day. Ugh. This has been an exceedingly tough winter in the Northeast, and I’ll be glad to kiss it goodbye.

The Weather Channel say that temperatures will warm by Thursday. Yay! If and when they do, I’ll turn off the “snow.”

I might even start posting again …

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4 Responses to We Have Bluebirds !

  1. Georgia says:

    Such pretty pictures. Got here through a comment you left on the NY Times article about worrying about adult children. I haven’t seen any bluebirds yet this year, not sure if any are in my area (Ontario) but, I have been heartened to see nice fat healthy looking robins. We had a brutal winter here too!

    • Delving Eye says:

      Hi, Georgia. Your comment arrived just after another spectacular bird did to our lawn — a male scarlet tanager. I have never seen one before. Baltimore oriole, yes, but never a scarlet tanager. He actually made the male bluebird I’ve been watching for weeks look pale by comparison — can’t believe I said that. Hope it doesn’t jinx a forthcoming bluebird nest.

      The scarlet tanager’s nickname is “flame of spring,” and what an apt appellation. He almost glowed. I had my binoculars handy and watched his gorgeousness eat flies til the cows came home. Amazing that he could so easily catch houseflies that take me forever to swat when they get in the house. His song was gorgeous, too. What a delight! I’m counting it as a very good omen — or an early Mother’s Day present!


      • Georgia says:

        I had to google the scarlet tanager and I was awed by the gorgeous colouring of this little bird! What a beauty. Lucky you to have seen one!

        • Delving Eye says:

          Georgia, I tried to insert a pic of the tanager into my comment, but no go. He was as vivid as any Google image, and I’m taking his appearance as a good omen — in this economy, we can use it!

          Cheers, my friend!

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